Official Publication of Allelopathy Books
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Important Information


Instructions to Authors: Please (i) Write Manuscript (Ms) as per Instructions to Authors and Model Mss., (ii). Send Ms as single File (Text in MS WORD 2016 + Tables + Figs), (iii) Do not insert Tables and Figs in Text, but add after the References, however, indicate their Preferred Position in Text, (iv). Use Times Roman Font in Ms.

International Reviewers: To evaluate the Ms, please send Names, E.mail Addresses and Postal Addresses of 5- International Reviewers (Outside Author’s country). They should be other than ASSOCIATE EDITORS of Allelopathy Journal.

Manuscript (Ms) must be prepared and submitted as per the Instructions to Authors and the 'MODEL MANUSCRIPTS' given in this Website. All Mss are Reviewed by International Experts at 4- stages including the Peer Review. The Manuscripts are published within 2-3-months after submission.

Model Manuscript

Many new Authors, submit manuscripts (Ms) to allelopathy Journal written in their own style, which (i) causes inconvenience in its processing, (ii) delays its publication and (iii) results in wastage of valuable time of Peer Reviewers and Editors. Therefore, to help the Authors to know the format/style of Allelopathy Journal and for uniformity of submitted Ms., the 'Model Ms' outlines are given in following pages for (A) Research Paper , (B) Short Communication and (C) Review Paper . The Authors are advised to (I) strictly follow the outlines of 'Model Ms.', (II) type throughout in 12 Font in MS Word, (III) keep Figure size to (17.5 x 12.5 cm) and (IV) submit Ms. in single file (Text, Tables + Figs) E. Mail.

The 'Model MSs' just shows the Format/ Style/Outline of Ms for submission and does not indicate any limitation of Pages in a Ms.


1.1. REQUIREMENTS: From 2013, for faster Publication of Mss in Allelopathy Journal, we have set the Minimum Requirements for Mss, so that Authors prepare the Mss Accordingly. The Minimum Requirements for Ms are: (i). Should have Results of Lab Bioassay, Pot Culture/ Field Experiments, (ii). Identification of Allelochemicals in Donor plant material/Experimental Field/Pot Soil, its Extracts or Leachates and (iii). Bioactivity of chemical compounds found in Donor plant/Soil. Hence, Authors are strongly advised to add such additional Data of Chemical Analysis studies and its related text in Results and Discussion, otherwise it will be REJECTED. Allelopathy Journal is INTERNATIONAL SCI JOURNAL with 2016 IMPACT FACTOR OF 1.050, hence, we maintain International Standard for Publication of Mss.

1.2. BIOASSAYS (Simple Lab. Bioassay with plant extracts): So many Mss. on Simple Lab. Bioassay with plant extracts/leachates have already been published in literature, thus, the Allelopathy Journal has stopped publication of such Mss. Hence, it is advised to improve research of your Group as under.

1.3. ADDITIONAL STUDIES: To support results of Laboratory Bioassay, also conduct following studies:
(i). POT CULTURE: Please study effects of Donor plant material/Experimental Field/Pot Soil on Recepient organism to support results of Lab. Bioassay
(ii). IDENTIFICATION OF ALLELOCHEMICALS: Please identify and quantify the allelochemicals present in Donor Plant/Soil, leading to your results. Please identify the actual allelochemicals using HPLC,GCMS etc, if you do not have this facility, you can collaborate with Institute having these facilities.
(iii). BIOACTIVITY OF ALLELOCHEMICALS: After identifying the allelochemicals in donor plan spp/soil, please find their Bioactivity on recipient organisms. The allelochemicals which show greater bioactivity i.e. potential allelochemicals, please study their bioactivity at various doses/rates to help in development of new ecofriendly Pesticides (Weedicide, insecticide, nematicide, fungicide) or Growth Regulators etc.

1.4. ALLELOPATHY PUBLICATIONS: To improve your research, your Library needs to have Allelopathy Publications available with INTERNATIONAL ALLELOPATHY FOUNDATION. Hundreds of Graduate students/ Researchers have improved their research considerably using these books. The books on RESEARCH METHODS IN PLANT SCIENCES describe Research Methods STEP BY STEP to conduct research Independently. Hence I advise you to buy these books for your Library/ Laboratory or for your self, to improve your Allelopathy research.


We use MSWORD-2016 to publish Mss in Allelopathy Journal, hence, please Submit Ms in MSWORD 2016. Besides, Please send (i). Ms as Single File including Text + Tables + Figs, (ii) Do not Insert Tables and Figs in Text but indicate their Preferred position in TEXT and (iii). Add Tables and Figs after the References.



We have large Editorial Board of Internationally Renowned Allelopathy Scientists to quickly Process the Mss. The Mss are Reviewed 5- times before Publication in Allelopathy Journal as under:

2.1. PRELIMINARY SCREENING: This is done by Chief Editor for all Mss to see their suitability for Allelopathy Journal. If not suitable, Ms is Rejected. If suitable with some defciencies, Ms is returned to Author to UPDATE as per the Preliminary Comments sent to him.

2.2. ENGLISH IMPROVEMENT/RE-WRITING: It is done for Mss from NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES at nominal Charges. If Ms is suitable, it is sent first for English Improvement or Re-writing and thereafter sent to Regional Editor for Processing.

2.3. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: He is Leader of Editorial Team and responcible for (a). Maintaining high Academic standard of Journal, (b). Mss processing, (c). Mss Editing and (e). Invite Reviewers on important Aspects.

2.4. CHIEF EDITOR (CE): He does Final Editing of Accepted Mss for Publication in Allelopathy Journal. If there are still deficiencies in the Ms, it is sent to Author with EDITORIAL COMMENTS for Revision. Then CE critically examines the Revised Ms, if satisfied, send it for Composing/Publication, otherwise, send to Author for Re-Revision.

2.5. ASSOCIATE EDITOR (AE): (i). Based on the Subject of Ms., it is sent to Expert AE in that Area. He reads the Ms, if found suitable, he will send it to 2-INTERNATIONAL PEER REVIEWERS. It takes about 2 Months. (ii). If Reviewers Rejects the Ms, it is REJECTED and AE Informs the Author and Chief Editor. (iii). If comments are Positive, AE send it to Author to revise the Ms as per these comments. (iii) Then Author submits the revised Ms to AE (iv). Then RE critically reads the Revised Ms, if he is satisfied with it, he Accepts the Ms and sends Acceptance Letter to Author/ Chief Editor and Ms to Chief Editor. (iv). If AE is not satisfied with revised Ms, either he sends it with his comments to Author for Re-revision OR (v) Send it again to REVIEWERS for their Expert Opinion, based on their comments, then Ms is sent for Re-Revision to author.

2.6. PUBLICATION TIME of Ms: If the Ms is well written as per INSRTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS AND MODEL MSS and contains good Information, it may be published within 2-3 Months after Submission. Poorly written Ms with unimportant Results takes more time to Publish due to English Improvement and several revisions etc.

2.7. Ms PROCESSING STATUS: Please keep patience and enquire Ms. Status 1-month after submission, if you do not receive any response from Editors during this period.


Chief Editor first does screening of Mss, those not of good quality are returned to Author for Updating (i) to add additional Data (ii) or in some cases, Authors are advised to conduct additional studies and resubmit with additional Data. For example, results of only Petri Plate Bioassays are not Accepted and Authors are advised to add Data of Pot Culture/Field Study to support the Results obtained. If data is not available, authors are advised to conduct such studies and submit Updated Ms with additional new Data.

As allelopathy is new area of Research, hence, for its development, we encourage more researchers to come to this area. We know the beginners make so many mistakes in conducting Research and their writing is too bad. Hence, we do not reject the Ms, because it will demoralise the Researcher, but point out the Shortcomings in the Ms., so that Author can reconduct the Experiment and revise the Ms as per PRELIMINARY COMMENTS. For development of this science,now we have provided PAID SERVICES for Ms. English improvement and Ms. Re-Writing.

3.1. TOO LITTLE DATA: The Ms cannot be published with present Data. From 2013, we have set the minimum requirements for Mss Publication, which are: (i). Should have Results of Lab Bioassay, Pot Culture/ Field Experiments. (ii). Identification of Allelochemicals in Donor plant material, its Extracts or Leachates and (iii). the bioactivity of these compounds. Hence, you are strongly advised to add additional Data of Chemical Analysis studies and its related text in Results and Discussion, otherwise it will be REJECTED. Our Journal is International SCI JOURNAL with THOMPSON REUTER current IMPACT FACTOR of 1.050, hence, we maintain International Standard for Publication of Mss. It is a simple Lab. Bioassay, So many Mss. on this aspect have already been published in literature, hence, the Allelopathy Journal has stopped publication of such Mss.

3.2. IDENTIFICATION OF ALLELOCHEMICALS: I am happy to see that you did some Preliminary studies. Please identify and quantify the allelochemicals present in Donor Plant, leading to your results. Please identify the actual allelochemicals using GCMS, if you do not have this facility, you can collaborate with Institute having these facilities.

3.3. HELP IN CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: In Allelopathy Research, the Chemical Analysis of Plant/Soil Samples etc. for identification of chemical components with HPLC, GCMS etc. is necessary. It is major problem with most Indian Scientists, to help them; I can suggest one Researcher in Gujarat to help in this regard. For this, you have to share Authorship of 2- Authors and pay for some Operational Expanses.

3.4. ADDITIONAL STUDIES SUGGESTED (BIOACTIVITY OF ALLELOCHEMICALS): Please (i). identify and quantify the allelochemicals present in Donor plant/soil using GCMS, leading to your results.(ii). After identifying the allelochemicals in donor plant spp., please study Bioactivity of major compound(s) on recipient organisms (Weeds, Insects, Nematodes, Pathogens spp. etc.). The allelochemicals which show greater bioactivity i.e. potential allelochemicals, please study their bioactivity at various doses/rates to help in development of new ecofriendly pesticide (Weedicide, insecticide, nematicide, fungicide) etc.

3.5. Ms STYLE: The Ms has not been Written as per Allelopathy Journal Style, Please submit full Ms (Text+ Tables+ Figs) as single File in MS WORD 2016. Re-write as per attached INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS

3.6. TITLE: Please change Ms title to ….

3.7. AUTHORS NAMES, AFFILIATIONS etc.: Please add on Title page (i). Abbreviate names of Authors, (ii). Full Postal Address, (iii). Phone: Office & Home/ with ISD, Area code, Mobile Number of Correspondence author, (iv). Add TWO E. Mail address in G.Mail/Hotmail. These informations are mandatory.

3.8. WHATS’APP NUMBER: In past 2-3 years, we are facing the problem of Non-submission of Revised Ms. from some Authors, perhaps, because our Mails do not reach them? Now we are using Gmail in Mss. Processing, hence, we advise the Authors to use their Gmail/Hotmail Addresses for Correspondence with us for surety of Correspondence. But we cannot contact some Authors at the Office Phone/Fax Numbers. To overcome this problem, it has been made mandatory for Authors to give their What’s App Number in Ms. so that Authors can be contacted in Emergency. We ensure that their What’s App Number will not be misused and will be used only in Emergency to contact Author.

3.9. ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE: Please add Economic Importance of Donor and Recipient plants.

3.10. PHOTOGRAPH: Please add Photograph of Donor specie plant in Introduction.

3.11. OBJECTIVES OF STUDY: These are not clear, please add why you did this study? Have you observed some Interactions between the Silybum and wheat crop in fields? Do you want to study the effects of its extracts as Growth Regulator or herbicide on wheat?

3.12. STUDY SITE: Please add Longitude, Latitude, Mean height above sea level, Annual Rainfall, Maximum and Minimum Temp for study site.

3.13. STUDY PERIOD: Please add months and Years of Study.

3.14. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Too brief, please add details.


3.16. TABLES/FIGURES: Delete Tables/Figures from Text and shift after References, also indicate their preferred positions in Text.

3.17. NEW FIGURES: Please (i). Draw Figs in colour in Ms Excel so that these could be edited, (ii). Keep width and height/length in these Figs to fit in AJ page (17 x 12 cms) and (iii). Use Figs Text (X-Axis, Y-Axis, Legends etc.) as TIMES ROMAN Font ‘9’. (iv). Please cite these Figs Numbers in text. Please also attach the Data File prepared in Excel used for making the Graphs etc.

3.18. REFERENCES: Please (i). Delete the space between the Citation Numbers in Text, when more than one References are Cited? Refrences do not follow Journal style. (ii). Add more Recent References up to 2018. (iii). Re-arrange all References in Alphabetical Order, (iv). then add Serial Numbers for use as Citation Numbers, (v). Replace old References/Citation Numbers in Ms. Text by these new Citation Numbers, (vi). Do not write Authors”s names in Capital Letters, always write like “Malik, A and Akhtar, M.”, (vii). Add “and” before the name of last Author, (viii).Keep year in parenthesis, (ix). Add full names of Journals in Italics, (x). Make volume number Bold, (xi). Add full Pages, (xii) Reduce size of Dash (-) small between page numbers, (xiii). Translate NON- English References to English and add its language in Parenthesis at the end.

3.19. ALLELOPATHY PUBLICATIONS: To improve research in your Institute, your Library needs to have Allelopathy Publications available with International Allelopathy Foundation. Hundreds of Graduate students/ Researchers have improved their research considerably using these books. The books on Research Methods In Plant Sciences describe Research Methods STEP BY STEP to conduct research Independently. I am attaching Catalogue of Allelopathy Publications. Hence please buy these books for your Library/ Lab or for yourself, to improve your Allelopathy research.

3.20. PUBLICATION CHARGES: The publication of Mss in Allelopathy Journal is NOT FREE and the Author has to pay Publication Charges of about Euro 800-1000/- for each Ms. In the past we faced problems in getting the Publication Charges from Iran Pakistan and Tunisian Researchers, because we cannot get Payment directly from Iran/Pakistan. If you can send payment through another country, then we can Process your Ms. I consider Pakistans scientists like our Brothers, but the major problem is in Receiving the Payment. If you can manage that, then we can Processes Ms.

3.21. LAST DATE: Please submit updated Ms. with above corrections till ______________.

3.22. AUTHOR(S) CERTIFICATE: It is not given, please submit as under:


(Please Type on Institute /University Letter Pad and submit Scanned copy with Ms.)
The Author(s) Certify that (i). The research work presented in this Ms is Original, (ii). Its no part has been copied from research work published earlier, (iii). I/We transfer its Copyright to Allelopathy Journal, (iv). I/We will follow all Rules of Allelopathy Journal, (v). I/We will Accept the Decision of Chief Editor for Publication/Rejection of Ms., (vi). I/We agree to pay the Publication Charges of this Ms.(vii). I/We are responsible for the Contents/Findings reported in this Ms.
Author (s) Signature
Full Name:
Postal Address:
E. Mail address
Date: ...................


We receive large number of Mss from Non-English countries, hence, to help Authors to get their Ms published in Allelopathy Journal, from 2013, we have started two new Paid Services: Ms. ENGLISH IMPROVEMENT and Ms. REWRITING. These services are sourced from another Agency with Professional highly qualified Eminent Experts, with long experience. Our charges for these Services are nominal compared to other such Services. PRE-PAYMENT OF THESE CHARGES ARE REQUIRED AND MSS ARE SENT TO THE AGENCY AFTER RECEIVING FULL PAYMENT FROM AUTHOR.


We make all Correspondence for Mss by yahoomail, hence, we strongly advise all Authors to open Account in Yahoomail/GMail/Hotmail for (i) Easy, (ii) Efficient, (iii) Fast and (iv) to ensure surety of delivery of our mails between us (Journal and Authors). Because many Servers in different countries are not compatible with yahoomail, hence, we cannot correspond successfully with such Authors. Sometimes, Authors mail reaches us but our mail neither reaches Author nor return to us.


Allelopathy Journal adheres to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in academic publishing. We expect that the authors will also show highest integrity in their work and adhere to high ethical standards. Some authors request withdrawal of manuscript from the publication process after submission. In some instances the request for withdrawal is made within few days after submission, however, many times the request is made very late, when the manuscript is only a few days away from publication in the Journal. Withdrawing manuscript from publication at this stage, wastes the valuable Resources, too much valuable time spent in Processing the Manuscripts by the Editors, Reviewers, Editorial staff and Money and Works invested by the Publisher. Hence, Authors are not allowed to withdraw submitted manuscript and the withdrawl request is not entertained without the Withdrawal Penalty. To discourage unwarranted withdrawal of manuscripts, Allelopathy Journal has framed Manuscript Withdrawal Rules:

4.1. Manuscript Withdrawl Request Letter: The manuscript will not be withdrawn from publication process until a completed, signed ‘Manuscript Withdrawl Request Letter’ is received by the Allelopathy Journal Editorial Office. The Author needs to submit a ‘Manuscript Withdrawl Request Letter’ request signed by all Authors stating the reasons for manuscript withdrawl. Authors must not assume that their manuscript has been withdrawn, until they have received appropriate notification to this effect from the Allelopathy Journal Editorial Office.

4.2. Authors must send a ‘Manuscript Withdrawl Request Letter’ by e-mail to Chief Editor, Allelopathy Journal before the notification of acceptance for publication. The ‘Manuscript Withdrawl Request Letter’ must include the following information.
(i) Manuscript Number
(ii) Manuscript Title
(iii) Authors Names, their full Postal addresses and E. Mail addresses
(iv) Detailed reasons for Ms withdrawl
(v) Date and Signatures of all authors
(vi) Agreement of Manuscript withdrawal from all Authors and the letter certifying that all authors agreed for Ms. withdrawal.

4.3. All questions or differences whatsoever concerning manuscripts withdrawal from Allelopathy Journal Publishers, whether as to construction or otherwise, shall be held in the Judicial Courts of Rohtak, Haryana, India.

4.4. Manuscript Withdrawal Penalty : If Author withdraws Ms within 48 hours after submission, he can withdraw without Penalty. Manuscript Withdrawl will be permitted only up to the Processing Stage III, for the most compelling and unavoidable reasons with Penalty depending on the Ms Processing Stage. In principle, Ms withdrawn is not permitted after the Processing Stage III. At Ms processing Stages II and III, he can withdraw after paying the Withdrawal Penalty, while, at the Processing stages IV-VII, the Ms. withdrawl is not allowed. However, for the most compelling and unavoidable reasons withdrawl is allowed after paying the Full Publication Charges.

Processing Stage Mss. Processing Stage Ms Withdrawl Penalty (Euro)
A. Withdrawl without Penalty
I Within 48 hours of Ms. submission Nil
B. Withdrawl with Penalty
II Ms. sent for Processing 300.00
III Ms. Accepted for Publication 500.00
C. Withdrawl Not Allowed
IV Ms. Revised* Withdrawn not allowed
V Ms. Composed, Galley Proofs sent* Withdrawn not allowed
VI Ms. Galley Proofs Corrected by Author* Withdrawn not allowed
VII Ms. Published* Withdrawn not allowed

*Ms Withdrawl allowed after paying the full Publication Charges.