Official Publication of Allelopathy Books
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International Allelopathy Foundation

The International Allelopathy Foundation (IAF) was established in 1993, to develop and popularise the science of allelopathy Worldwide. Its main objectives are: (a) to publish allelopathy literature viz., Journal and Books, (b) to translate and publish allelopathy literature from non-English languages to English, (c) to distribute allelopathy literature and (d) to Organise Conferences on allelopathy. The IAF is self-sustaining organisation and does not receive funds from other Agencies and is successfully achieving its objectives. It is publishing the Allelopathy Journal since 1994 and has completed 46 Volumes till 2018. It has translated and published 3- Books: (i) Hans Molisch (1937) Book The Influence of one Plant on Another: Allelopathy in 2001 [German language], (ii) A.M. Grodzinsky (1979) Allelopathy in Soil Sickness in 2006 [Russian language] and (iii) Z. Lastuwka (1985). Coaction and Competition Among the Plants in 2007 [Czech language]. It is also distributing Indian Books on allelopathy. The Foundation has organized 4-International Conference in India on Allelopathy (I). 1992 (Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar), (II). 1994 (Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi), (III). 1998 (University of Agriculture Science, Dharwad) and (IV). 2004 (Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar).

International Short Courses on Allelopathy

In view of the persistent demand from various countries, IAF has started organizing ISCA (International Short Coureses on Alellopathy) courses from 2007.

International Allelopathy Foundation, Rohtak, India has till now organised following 5- International Short Courses on Allelopathy.

Details of Allelopathy Courses Organised till 2014
S.No. Dates Name and Address of Institiute
1. June 2007 Sant Anna Institute, Pisa, Italy.
2. July 2009 College of Horticulture, Harbin, China.
3. August 2009 College of Horticulture, CATAS, Hainan, China
4. July 2012 College of Horticulture, Harbin, China.
5. February 2014 Institute of Agronomy, Chott Meriem, Sousse, Tunisia


For further information contact Prof. S. S. Narwal, Co-ordinator, ISCA Courses at ,

Current Services

The International Allelopathy Foundation is currently providing following services:

  • 1.Allelopathy Journal: IAF is publishing this Journal since 1994 and has completed 48 Volumes till 2019. From 2016, Allelopathy Journal is published Bi-monthly (January, March, May, July, September, November) in 3-Volumes per year.Current Impact Factor: 1.275 (2020).


    The International Allelopathy Foundation is striving hard to help the Allelopathy Researchers worldwide by providing easy ONLINE Access to biggest Data Bases of Allelopathy Literature. From 2020, following ONLINE facilities have become available at our website :

    • 2.1. FREE ACCESS TO ARCHIEVES: Please join us in celebrating the (i). 26-Years of Allelopathy Journal Publication (48-Volumes published), and (ii). 10th Anniversary of Allelopathy Journal going ONLINE and (iii). Current IMPACT FACTOR of 1.275. As a special token of appreciation, gesture and to thank you for your overwhelming response, we are now offering FREE ONLINE ACCESS to Allelopathy Journal Volumes 1-51 (1994-2020). This offer is for bonafide Researchers , who Signed-in our website We hope that in coming days, you will not only continue to support this ONLINE JOURNAL by spreading the word about it, but will also show greater engagement in Allelopathy Journal Subscription, its Citation in your Research Articles and submission of your Research Articles.
    • 2.2. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ALLELOPATHY: Its PDF Contains more than 10,000 Abstracts from world wide (1700-2012), about 2000 pages. Price Euro 100.00.

    For Purchase/Subscription of Allelopathy Journal/Allelopathy Publications/Reprints, please contact Rakesh Narwal at

  • 3. International Short Courses on Alellopathy (ISCA): These courses are conducted by Eminent International Allelopathy Scientists in host Institutes. For further information about Future Allelopathy Courses, please contact Prof. S. S. Narwal, Co-ordinator, ISCA Courses at ,

  • 4. Allelopathy Books

    • i. ALLELOPATHY BIBLIOGRAPHY: The IAF has compiled and published this Book. It lists more than 5200 Reprints (1905-2004) available in Prof. Rice Allelopathy Data Base.

      ii. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ALLELOPATHY (PDF): It contains more than 10,000 Abstracts from world wide (1700-2012), in about 2000 pages. Price Euro 100.00

    • IAF has Co-published following Books with Scientific Publishers, Jodhpur, India:

    • i. Hans Molisch (1937). The Influence of One Plant on Another: Allelopathy. English Print, 2002.
    • ii. A. M. Grodzinsky (1975). Allelopathy in Soil Sickness. English Print, 2006.
    • iii. L. Lastuvka (1986). Coactions and Competition in Plants. English Print, 2007.
  • 5. Sale of Indian Allelopathy Books/Conference Proceedings.
Future Projects
The International Allelopathy Foundation (IAF) has long term plans for the development of Allelopathy Worldwide. The plans for the near future are as under:
  • I.Translation of Non-English Allelopathy Books: To make literature available to English speaking scientists Worldwide, the Foundation has plans to translate and publish the important Books on Allelopathy from other languages to English. Some more books will be translated and printed in English language. To make this Project successful, Volunteer Allelopathy Scientists are needed to translate such Books.
  • II. International Short Courses on Allelopathy (ISCA): Till now 5- ISCA courses have been organized in different countries. The Outlines of future ISCA Courses are ready. For further information contact Prof. S. S. Narwal, Co-ordinator, ISCA Courses at

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